Investment Policies

TPPC’s Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures articulates the Plan’s investment strategy and governance framework.

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP)

The SIPP articulates the Plan’s governance arrangements and investment parameters, including the asset mix strategy, risk tolerance, permitted asset classes, risk constraints, investment policies, and monitoring procedures. The SIPP also outlines the principles that guide our investment approach, including diversification, time horizon, liquidity, and approach to responsible investing.

TPPC's Board of Directors approves the SIPP on at least an annual basis – most recently in March 2024.

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures
Responsible Investing (RI)

TPPC has a fiduciary obligation to Plan members to provide prudent investment management and to consider risks that may affect the Plan’s performance.

We believe that the consideration of ESG factors in investment activities can positively impact the Plan’s long-term investment returns through improved risk management and investment opportunities.

Learn more about TPPC’s approach to responsible investing.

Responsible Investing Policy