Responsible Investing

Considering ESG factors is an important component of risk mitigation.

Responsible Investing (RI) Purpose

TPPC’s primary investment objective is to ensure that the Plan can meet its pension obligations as they come due.

As an asset owner, TPPC has a fiduciary responsibility to Plan members, which means we have a legal obligation to act in members’ best interests. Part of fulfilling this responsibility is providing prudent investment management and considering risks that may affect the Plan’s performance.

RI is an approach to investing that incorporates relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the investment decision process, and supports our approach to being good stewards of capital.

We believe that considering ESG factors in investment activities can positively impact the Plan’s long-term investment returns through improved risk management and investment opportunities. Additionally, we believe that companies managing ESG risks are better positioned to sustain and grow long-term value. Integrating ESG into our investment process better positions us to meet our fiduciary obligations and deliver on our objectives.

Responsible Investing Policy