Your 2022 Annual Benefit Statement is available!
September 28, 2022

TPPC is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 Annual Benefit Statements to the Member Self Service (MSS) Portal for active TPP members. For more information on how to access the MSS Portal please go to the ‘Members’ page. You will also receive your paper version of the Annual Benefit Statement in the mail in the coming weeks.

MSS Portal for Pensioners
May 26, 2022

We are always looking for ways to improve service to our members. We are pleased to announce the release of our secure Member Self Service (MSS) Portal for Pensioners on our website. The MSS Portal provides you with your pension pay cheque stub on each pay date, showing current and year to date gross pay, deductions and net pay. Among other features, it will also provide you with the access to update your address or banking information, or to request additional income tax deductions.

  • If you have previously used MSS, login using your Email Address/User ID and password
  • The MSS Portal ‘Login’ page also contains a link to Register for first time users
  • You will need the last 5 digits of your SIN, your date of birth and either your Pension ID or Employee ID to register (click on the “Where can I find this?” link for help if you need it)

Once you are in the MSS Portal, under General Documents and Links you will find FAQ and answers on the use of the portal as well as an easy to use MSS User Manual for Pensioners.

As always, for further information or assistance, you can contact us by phone at 709-793-8772, toll free at 1-833-345-8772, or by email at

We are proud to offer this MSS Portal for Pensioners and all the features that go with it. The introduction of this portal does not impact pension payments in any way.

Thinking About Transferring your Substitute Time?
May 20, 2021

Substitute teachers can transfer their contributions with the Government Money Purchase Plan (GMPP) to the Teachers’ Pension Plan (TPP) only when in a replacement or full-time position. Transferring your substitute service would increase your pensionable service with the TPP, therefore increasing the amount of your annual pension, and in some cases, help you retire earlier.

Important to Note

• Your GMPP funds are currently held with Canada Life (formerly Great West Life) and not with the Teachers’ Pension Plan.
• GMPP funds and pensionable service can be transferred to the TPP only while in a replacement or full-time position.
• The best time to transfer and/or purchase your substitute time is early in your full-time position when you have less pensionable service through the TPP.
• If additional substitute time is available to purchase and you do not have enough GMPP funds, you will be given the option to purchase the time with your personal funds, RRSP funds or payroll deductions.

Reach retirement sooner & transfer your substitute time today!

For more information, please visit our website at . To discuss your options about transferring substitute time, contact us by phone at 709-793-8772 or email us at .

Call or email us today!

Have you had a Leave Without Pay?
February 25, 2021

Did you know – during your career, if you take a leave of absence, it creates a gap in your pensionable service years? It is because during these times, you are not contributing to your Teachers’ Pension Plan. However, many types of leave may be eligible to be bought back anytime during your teaching career.
This purchase of service would give you more pensionable service, a higher pension and in some circumstances, help you reach retirement eligibility sooner. Taking this step could not only get you closer to retirement, but also to having a higher pension when you do retire.

Types of Leave That May be Eligible
• Maternity Leave
• Parental/Adoption Leave
• Authorized Leave without Pay
• Unpaid Education Leave
• Unpaid Sick Leave

Payment Methods Available
• Single payment by personal cheque or transfer from your RRSP
• Payroll deductions, if applicable, over a time frame equal to the length of the service purchased

Important Points to Note
• The best time to buy back service is within 180 days of your return to work from that leave.
• Your employer will match contributions if the purchase contract is signed within 180 days.
• After 180 days, you will pay the full actuarial amount.
• There may be income tax implications. Check with the CRA for more details regarding this.

Reaching retirement could be sooner than you think!

To discuss your options about purchasing unpaid leave, contact us at 709-793-8772 or email us at .

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Register Your Email for Updates
August 21, 2020

The TPPC is pleased to offer you the ability to register your email address so that we can provide relevant and pertinent communications in a direct and efficient manner. We encourage you to register today. It is recommended that you provide your personal email address as once you retire your ESDNL email is no longer active. We assure you that we will not overload your inbox with irrelevant email messages. Rather we will share with you any TPPC pertinent information that could benefit you or your loved ones. Return to the TPPC website home page to register.

Self Service - Designate a Beneficiary
October 08, 2019

TPPC is pleased to announce the release of new features in the Member Self Service (MSS) Portal to active TPP plan members. Using the MSS Portal, originally launched in October 2018, you can now complete, view and update your beneficiary election online. For more information on how to access the MSS Portal please go the ‘Members’ page.

June 13, 2019

As communicated in our previous letter, the Teachers’ Pension Plan (the “Plan”) has been amended to allow members to designate beneficiaries to receive death benefits in certain circumstances. This is considered a positive improvement, in particular, for pension plan members without a Principal Beneficiary (meaning a spouse or cohabiting partner).

All Plan Members will receive, in the mail, a second letter from Paula McDonald, CEO of the Teachers’ Pension Plan Corporation (TPPC) providing details with respect to this change. A copy of that letter can be viewed HERE.


Member Self Service now available
November 01, 2018

TPPC is pleased to announce the release of its secure, web-based Member Self Service (MSS) Portal to active TPP plan members. The MSS Portal is integrated with the new TPP Pension Administration System, launched in May 2018, and provides you with access to your personal data, and retirement modeling tools to assist you with understanding your retirement benefit options, and even help you create a personalized retirement plan. For more information on how to access the MSS Portal please go the ‘Members’ page.